Get Inside the Mind of Your Most Valuable Donors.

Discover why they give and design a plan to cultivate them.

The fundraising world has changed...

But the fact that your organization has important work that needs funding hasn’t. 

Many organizations struggle with the same questions when it comes to accelerating revenue:

  • How can we better understand our current donors and why they give?
  • What messages will resonate with which people?
  • How do we connect more people to our mission?

We’ve created a solution to help answer these questions.

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Pursuant's Strategic Segmentation solution helps you get inside the mind of your donors by providing:

  • Detailed insights into your top 3-5 segments profiled with key characteristics, giving opportunity and motivations, customized to your organization. 

  • An approach to applying the segments to your database so that new donors can be classified as they come on file.

  • Supporting data on your donors that can be accessed for deeper dive analysis.

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