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The Pursuant Giving Outlook

Nonprofit Industry Trends + Expert Insights On How To Apply Them

Despite the strength of the US economy and the positive outlook for charitable giving in general, are nonprofits stuck?

Individual giving as a percentage of the country’s gross domestic product has failed to consistently break above two percent for the past 40 years – despite growth in the number of charities and fundraisers and collective efforts to encourage greater giving.

For-profit companies are driving innovation by investing in venture-backed incubators, engaging consumers to contribute ideas, and renovating classic products for today’s marketplace.  What strategies should fundraisers take to find that more-committed donor? 

In this resource you will learn:

  • The latest numbers in giving trends across all verticals within the nonprofit sector
  • Insights on how to apply these numbers to your fundraising strategy
  • Best practices and takeaways for your organization to find success by understanding the trends to drive action
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Fast Nonprofit Growth

Stealing from the Startup Playbook

It’s hard to keep up with rapidly changing donor expectations and behaviors. As a nonprofit leader, it can be hard to spin all of the plates and at the same time think about how to scale and grow your organization.

In this resource, we take some of the secrets of the fastest growing startups and apply the methodologies and the practices to your nonprofit organization.

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