Webinar: Thanks [for] Giving: Proven Donor Stewardship Practices That Keep Them Giving

Rachel Muir, CFRE & Cathe Hoerth

Join our very own Rachel Muir, CFRE and Cathe Hoerth to get easy, affordable time-saving tips and templates to thank donors. This webinar is loaded with:

1. Real-life examples of top-notch thank you’s.

2. When and how to automate without losing the personal touch.

3 Digital tools that wow AND save you time & money.

4. Before and after thank you makeovers.

5. Free templates you can put to work immediately.

Do you want to thank donors in a way that grows them into life long partners in supporting your mission? Sign up to get ALL THE TOOLS to build loyal donors for life!

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The 2017 Digital Year-End Fundraising Field Guide

How do you ensure your nonprofit is applying the latest trends in digital fundraising to maximize the potential of your year-end campaign?

That is the question we work to answer in this resource.

The 2017 Digital Year-End Fundraising Field Guide will help you…

  • Focus on the channels and advertising strategies that provide the greatest return on investment.
  • Develop a year-end campaign based on the preferences and expectations of today’s donors.
  • Enhance your digital fundraising efforts with “secret” tips and tricks used by the nation’s leading nonprofits.

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