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Demystifying the Donor Journey

Developing an intentional donor stewardship strategy isn’t just a “nice” thing to do for your donors; it’s one of the leading influencers in their desire to give again. It’s what transforms “transactional” fundraising, where you’re primarily soliciting donations with every touch, into a long-term “transformational” relationship-building approach to fundraising.

In this paper you will learn:

  • Why creating an intentional donor experience is essential to long-term success.
  • Three key common stewardship stumbling blocks.
  • Four ways to develop a donor journey and comprehensive stewardship program that delivers results.

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The Art of First Impressions

The first impression a donor has of your organization can make or break your chances of acquiring them — and it only takes a few quick seconds.

With so much riding on a single moment, how can your organization create exceptional first impressions that convert donors and lead to long-term donor loyalty?

In this paper you will learn:

  • Six guiding principles of an effective acquisition strategy (from mindset to metrics)
  • How to identify your organization’s unique value and use that insight to accelerate acquisition
  • Powerful creative techniques to tell your story and inspire donors to take action

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