Eliminate the guesswork around the
 question, "What next?"

Discover your best opportunity to accelerate growth and increase impact.

You have an opportunity to reach more donors who can help you impact more lives...

But in today’s complex world, launching a new program or investing in reaching a new market can be risky. Many of today’s nonprofit leaders are prudently asking…

  • How can we expand our reach and accelerate revenue to generate more impact?
  • How can we mitigate the risk of launching a program or entering a new market?
  • How can we focus marketing and fundraising on areas that produce the greatest results?

We’ve created a solution to help answer these questions.

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Pursuant's Market Opportunity Analysis helps you eliminate the guesswork by providing:

  • Insights into the true targetable universe of your potential acquisition opportunities.  

  • Qualitative market research conducted on donors who fit your ideal persona.

  • A comprehensive list of your highest potential markets prioritized by their direct response giving potential.

  • Detailed profiles of your most valuable donor segments for acquisition within priority markets.

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