Don't Just Imagine Where Your Nonprofit Will Be in 5 Years.

Know it.

Pursuant's 3D Assessment provides the clarity you need to confidently lead your organization and achieve your vision.

Eliminate the Guesswork of Fundraising.

The 3D Assessment gives you greater clarity and confidence in your fundraising efforts by providing an in-depth understanding of the health of your file, multi-year revenue and donor trends, insights into potential risks and untapped opportunities, comprehensive fundraising projections, and strategic recommendations for achieving your goals.

Get a Clear & Complete Picture of Your File

The Assessment provides a baseline for understanding the current state of both fundraising revenue and the health of the relationships in your donor base.

Discover Untapped Relationship Opportunities for Revenue Growth

The Assessment helps you discover the obstacles impacting your fundraising efforts and identify new opportunities for achieving your goals.

Prioritize Initiatives to Achieve Your Goals

The Assessment helps you develop data-driven strategies for accomplishing your fundraising goals and fulfilling your mission.


“By partnering with Pursuant, we have leveraged analytics and insights to gain a better understanding of the giving behaviors of our donors and our community. As a result, we have developed strategies, both short and long term, to drive more meaningful relationships with our supporters.”

Bente Weitekamp
Vice President, Development
Community Health Network Foundation

Discover a Path to Achieving Your Goals.

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