Don’t Just Imagine Where Your Nonprofit Could Be in 5 Years. 

Know It.

Discover a Path to Achieving Your Goals.

Learn how Pursuant’s 

3D Assessment Can Help

As a fundraiser, you know what it’s like to wrestle with questions like:

  • Are we headed in the right direction?

  • Will the things we’re doing today ultimately get us to where we want to go?

  • How can we overcome the obstacles standing in our way?

We’ve created a solution to help answer these questions.

Fill out the form to learn more about the 3D Assessment powered by Pursuant Analytics & Insights.

The Assessment gives you greater clarity & confidence in your fundraising efforts 
by providing:

  • A baseline understanding of the current state of the health of your file.

  • A multi-year view on the revenue & donor trends by each level of the donor pyramid.

  • Insights into potential risks & untapped opportunities for growth.

  • Strategic recommendations for achieving your goals.

  • Comprehensive projections for your fundraising efforts.  

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